Susan & Nick – St Johns, Baxenden & Haighton manor, Preston

“It all started with Susan & Nick tying the knot in Baxenden, Lancashire at the beginning of last month…I can’t remember seeing a single cloud in the sky!”

What a wedding to start 2013 on! Susan & Nick were married at St Johns, Baxenden. The sky was blue Nicks ride.  A  mesmerizing 1978  light blue Porsche 911, it was stunning! Not a cloud in the sky, a perfect spring day, a perfect day to get married on!

On leaving Baxenden to head for the reception at the beautiful Haighton Manor in Preston it was apparent that the traffic was unusually busy! I, being the photographer, as tends to be the case, need to be present to capture the whole day, not sitting in my assistants car in traffic! I was truly relieved to find that Susan & Nick had only arrived five minutes earlier than me and Paul, who I thank whole heartedly for his quick thinking and driving skills to get us to Haighton Manor on time!

Just as St Johns Church was wonderfully lavished with stylish bouquets and other unique decorations, Haighton manor looked stunning inside, and outside the sun was absolutely beaming, but not as much as Susan, who looked like she was going to burst with excitement! Her smile said it all.

In true Lancastrian  style, the celebrations were big and bold.

I’d like to thank Susan & Nick for their love and making me feel right at home up in the hills!

Congratulations and all the best for the future.

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