With a background in film and animation it’s funny that I should now be drawn more towards the still image.
The truth is I’ve always loved photography since having my first 110mm film camera, many years ago, and as digital cameras got better and better the ability to portray a whole scene through a single image without the need for film or expensive development intrigued me and I saw it as a great challenge. My love for photography soon outweighed the enjoyment I got from moving image and it wasn’t long before my work was attracting a bit of attention.

And so now, having assisted one of the North West’s most highly acclaimed wedding photographers at over 30 weddings and armed with fresh skills, experience and ambition; I feel like I’m ready to branch out.

My relaxed journalistic approach allows me to create a reportage style. I’m not the type of photographer who spends the day telling people when to smile or where to stand; for me, creating images is all about observation. I simply capture what’s already happening as the day unfolds and try to bring out the character and detail of every moment, resulting in images which are fresh and contemporary yet retaining that classic elegance.

On that note, I’m proud to present to you these beautiful images from my portfolio and I hope you enjoy them too.

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