Kirsty & James – Manchester – Pre-wedding shoot – Rooftops!

It’s not often I get to shoot in the city, but luckily for me Kirsty & James wanted something a little different from the norm and asked if I could do a stylised shoot in their favourite city, Manchester. We met on a rooftop car park on top of the Shudehill interchange and soon got shooting. We hit some of the most iconic spots of Manchester including the venue they’d chosen for their wedding, The Palace hotel.  Then we finished off with some night time sparkler action back on the rooftop! A great end to a great movie…erm, I mean Pre-wedding shoot!

001 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg002 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg003 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg004 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg005 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg006 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg007 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg008 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg009 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg010 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg011 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg012 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg013 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg014 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg015 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg016 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg017 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg018 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg019 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg020 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg021 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg022 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg023 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg024 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg025 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg026 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg027 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg028 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg029 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg030 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg031 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg032 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg033 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg034 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg035 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg036 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg037 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg038 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg039 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg040 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg041 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg042 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg043 Kirsty and James Prewedding shoot Manchester Rooftops.jpg

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Alex & Jamie – The Bridge Hotel, Prestbury, Cheshire – 3rd November 2012

As soon as I met Alex & Jamie I knew their wedding was going to be the absolutely awesome! I think Alex had everything organised and ready to roll well before 12 months prior to the wedding, and it showed! Even clock work has nothing on the new Mrs Warburton, she nailed it! It was an action packed day, full of joy and celebration. Everyone involved had fun and the vibes were perfect for me to capture some real genuine and ‘happy people’.

001 Alex & Jamie.JPG002 Alex & Jamie.JPG003 Alex & Jamie.JPG004 Alex & Jamie.JPG006 Alex & Jamie.JPG007 Alex & Jamie.JPG008 Alex & Jamie.JPG009 Alex & Jamie.JPG010 Alex & Jamie.JPG011 Alex & Jamie.JPG012 Alex & Jamie.JPG013 Alex & Jamie.JPG014 Alex & Jamie.JPG015 Alex & Jamie.JPG016 Alex & Jamie.JPG017 Alex & Jamie.JPG018 Alex & Jamie.JPG019 Alex & Jamie.JPG020 Alex & Jamie.JPG021 Alex & Jamie.JPG022 Alex & Jamie.JPG023 Alex & Jamie.JPG024 Alex & Jamie.JPG025 Alex & Jamie.JPG026 Alex & Jamie.JPG027 Alex & Jamie.JPG028 Alex & Jamie.JPG029 Alex & Jamie.JPG030 Alex & Jamie.JPG031 Alex & Jamie.JPG032 Alex & Jamie.JPG033 Alex & Jamie.JPG034 Alex & Jamie.JPG035 Alex & Jamie.JPG036 Alex & Jamie.JPG037 Alex & Jamie.JPG038 Alex & Jamie.JPG039 Alex & Jamie.JPG040 Alex & Jamie.JPG041 Alex & Jamie.JPG042 Alex & Jamie.JPG043 Alex & Jamie.JPG044 Alex & Jamie.JPG045 Alex & Jamie.JPG046 Alex & Jamie.JPG047 Alex & Jamie.JPG048 Alex & Jamie.JPG049 Alex & Jamie.JPG050 Alex & Jamie.JPG051 Alex & Jamie.JPG052 Alex & Jamie.JPG053 Alex & Jamie.JPG054 Alex & Jamie.JPG055 Alex & Jamie.JPG056 Alex & Jamie.JPG057 Alex & Jamie.JPG058 Alex & Jamie.JPG059 Alex & Jamie.JPG060 Alex & Jamie.JPG061 Alex & Jamie.JPG062 Alex & Jamie.JPG063 Alex & Jamie.JPG064 Alex & Jamie.JPG065 Alex & Jamie.JPG066 Alex & Jamie.JPG067 Alex & Jamie.JPG068 Alex & Jamie.JPG069 Alex & Jamie.JPG070 Alex & Jamie.JPG071 Alex & Jamie.JPG072 Alex & Jamie.JPG073 Alex & Jamie.JPG074 Alex & Jamie.JPG075 Alex & Jamie.JPG076 Alex & Jamie.JPG077 Alex & Jamie.JPG078 Alex & Jamie.JPG079 Alex & Jamie.JPG080 Alex & Jamie.JPG081 Alex & Jamie.JPG082 Alex & Jamie.JPG083 Alex & Jamie.JPG084 Alex & Jamie.JPG085 Alex & Jamie.JPG086 Alex & Jamie.JPG087 Alex & Jamie.JPG088 Alex & Jamie.JPG089 Alex & Jamie.JPG090 Alex & Jamie.JPG092 Alex & Jamie.JPG094 Alex & Jamie.JPG095 Alex & Jamie.JPG096 Alex & Jamie.JPG097 Alex & Jamie.JPG098 Alex & Jamie.JPG099 Alex & Jamie.JPG100 Alex & Jamie.JPG101 Alex & Jamie.JPG102 Alex & Jamie.JPG103 Alex & Jamie.JPG104 Alex & Jamie.JPG105 Alex & Jamie.JPG106 Alex & Jamie.JPG107 Alex & Jamie.JPG108 Alex & Jamie.JPG109 Alex & Jamie.JPG110 Alex & Jamie.JPG111 Alex & Jamie.JPG112 Alex & Jamie.JPG113 Alex & Jamie.JPG114 Alex & Jamie.JPG115 Alex & Jamie.JPG116 Alex & Jamie.JPG117 Alex & Jamie.JPG118 Alex & Jamie a.jpg118 Alex & Jamie.JPG119 Alex & Jamie.JPG120 Alex & Jamie.JPG121 Alex & Jamie.JPG122 Alex & Jamie.JPG123 Alex & Jamie.JPG124 Alex & Jamie.JPG125 Alex & Jamie.JPG126 Alex & Jamie.JPG127 Alex & Jamie.JPG128 Alex & Jamie.JPG129 Alex & Jamie.JPG130 Alex & Jamie.JPG131 Alex & Jamie.JPG132 Alex & Jamie.JPG133 Alex & Jamie.JPG134 Alex & Jamie.JPG135 Alex & Jamie.JPG136 Alex & Jamie.JPG138 Alex & Jamie.JPG139 Alex & Jamie.JPG140 Alex & Jamie.JPG141 Alex & Jamie.JPG143 Alex & Jamie.JPG144 Alex & Jamie.JPG145 Alex & Jamie.JPG146 Alex & Jamie.JPG147 Alex & Jamie.JPG148 Alex & Jamie.JPG149 Alex & Jamie.JPG152 Alex & Jamie.JPG153 Alex & Jamie.JPG154 Alex & Jamie.JPG155 Alex & Jamie.JPG156 Alex & Jamie.JPG157 Alex & Jamie.JPG158 Alex & Jamie.JPG159 Alex & Jamie.JPG160 Alex & Jamie.JPG161 Alex & Jamie.JPG162 Alex & Jamie.JPG163 Alex & Jamie.JPG164 Alex & Jamie.JPG165 Alex & Jamie.JPG166 Alex & Jamie.JPG167 Alex & Jamie.JPG168 Alex & Jamie.JPG169 Alex & Jamie.JPG170 Alex & Jamie.JPG171 Alex & Jamie.JPG172 Alex & Jamie.JPG174 Alex & Jamie.JPG175 Alex & Jamie.JPG176 Alex & Jamie.JPG177 Alex & Jamie.JPG178 Alex & Jamie.JPG179 Alex & Jamie.JPG180 Alex & Jamie.JPG181 Alex & Jamie.JPG182 Alex & Jamie.JPG183 Alex & Jamie.JPG184 Alex & Jamie.JPG185 Alex & Jamie.JPG186 Alex & Jamie.JPG187 Alex & Jamie.JPG188 Alex & Jamie.JPG189 Alex & Jamie.JPG190 Alex & Jamie.JPG191 Alex & Jamie.JPG192 Alex & Jamie.JPG193 Alex & Jamie.JPG194 Alex & Jamie.JPGc92-100 Alex & Jamie.JPG

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Kat & Robbie – Bramall hall, Cheshire – 1st September 2012

It’s a treat for me when I get to shoot such an awesome couple at such an awesome venue. Kat & Robbie at Bramall Hall in Cheshire…and a few familiar faces from Anna & James’ wedding in Dunham Massey earlier in the year. I knew this was going to be an amazing day before I’d even started, and it was! For those of you who have never heard of the hidden gem that is Bramall hall, it is a huge original Tudor manor house situated in..well Bramall! Which is in the borough of Stockport. The building itself is surrounded by beautiful parkland, which hosts a nearby lake and woodland…every photographers dream location really. The only downside of the day was the fact that I was only there to shoot the ceremony for a couple of hours, I’d have loved to have stayed for the full occasion, alas I had to leave, but not before Robbie filled a box full of fine real ale to thank me for my services, cheers mate!

001 The build up.jpg002 The build up.jpg003 The build up.jpg004 The build up.jpg005 The build up.jpg006 The build up.jpg007 The build up.jpg008 The build up.jpg009 The build up.jpg010 The build up.jpg011 The build up.jpg012 The build up.jpg013 The build up.jpg014 The build up.jpg015 The build up.jpg016 The build up.jpg017 The build up.jpg018 The build up.jpg019 The build up.jpg020 The build up.jpg021 The build up.jpg022 The build up.jpg023 The build up.jpg024 The build up.jpg025 The build up.jpg026 The build up.jpg027 The build up.jpg028 The build up.jpg029 The build up.jpg030 The build up.jpg031 The build up.jpg032 The build up.jpg033 The build up.jpg034 The build up.jpg035 The build up.jpg036 The build up.jpg037 The build up.jpg038 The build up.jpg039 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg040 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg041 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg042 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg043 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg044 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg045 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg046 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg047 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg048 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg049 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg050 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg051 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg052 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg053 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg054 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg055 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg056 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg057 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg058 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg059 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg060 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg061 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg062 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg063 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg064 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg065 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg066 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg067 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg068 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg069 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg070 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg071 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg072 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg073 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg074 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg075 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg076 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg077 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg078 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg079 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg080 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg081 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg082 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg083 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg084 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg085 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg086 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg087 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg088 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg089 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg090 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg091 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg092 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg093 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg094 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg095 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg096 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg097 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg098 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg099 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg100 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg101 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg102 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg103 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg104 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg105 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg106 Beautiful Ceremony.jpg107 Beautiful day.jpg108 Beautiful day.jpg109 Beautiful day.jpg110 Beautiful day.jpg111 Beautiful day.jpg112 Beautiful day.jpg113 Beautiful day.jpg114 Beautiful day.jpg115 Beautiful day.jpg116 Beautiful day.jpg117 Beautiful day.jpg118 Beautiful day.jpg119 Beautiful day.jpg120 Beautiful day.jpg121 Beautiful day.jpg122 Beautiful day.jpg123 Beautiful day.jpg124 Beautiful day.jpg125 Beautiful day.jpg126 Beautiful day.jpg127 Beautiful day.jpg128 Beautiful day.jpg129 Beautiful day.jpg130 Beautiful day.jpg131 Beautiful day.jpg132 Beautiful day.jpg133 Beautiful day.jpg134 Beautiful day.jpg135 Beautiful day.jpg136 Beautiful day.jpg137 Beautiful day.jpg138 Beautiful day.jpg139 Beautiful day.jpg140 Beautiful day.jpg141 Beautiful day.jpg142 Beautiful day.jpg143 Beautiful day.jpg144 Beautiful day.jpg145 Beautiful day.jpg146 Beautiful day.jpg147 Beautiful day.jpg148 Beautiful day.jpg149 Beautiful day.jpg150 Beautiful day.jpg151 Beautiful day.jpg152 Beautiful day.jpg153 Beautiful day.jpg154 Beautiful day.jpg155 Beautiful day.jpg155a Beautiful day.jpg156 Beautiful day.jpg157 Beautiful day.jpg158 Beautiful day.jpg159 Beautiful day.jpg160 Beautiful day.jpg161 Beautiful day.jpg162 Beautiful day.jpg163 Beautiful day.jpg164 Beautiful day.jpg165 Beautiful day.jpg166 Beautiful day.jpg167 Beautiful day.jpg168 Beautiful day.jpg169 Beautiful day.jpg170 Beautiful day.jpg171 Beautiful day.jpg172 Beautiful day.jpg173 Beautiful day.jpg174 Beautiful day.jpg175 Beautiful day.jpg176 Beautiful day.jpg177 Beautiful day.jpg178 Beautiful day.jpg179 Beautiful day.jpg180 Beautiful day.jpg181 Beautiful day.jpg182 Beautiful day.jpg183 Beautiful day.jpg184 Beautiful day.jpg185 Beautiful day.jpg

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Toni & Gordon – Pinewood On Wilmslow, Cheshire – 18th August 2012

Toni & Gordon’s  wedding was the kind of day that was a joy to photograph. Relaxed and lovely people having fun in an intriguing setting in Wilmslow, with a wealth of beautiful details and months of preparation, I had plenty of  fodder to photograph, and lots of chilled, happy and charming people buzzing around to capture on my cameras! The Pinewood On Wilmslow in Cheshire was a new venue for me so I had no idea what to expect. I did however know that Toni & Gordon were massive sharks (Rugby!) fans, so it was no surprise to see the venue decked out with flags and balloons, all donning the sharks emblem and colours of sky blue and white…which is what the sky reflected as the clouds rolled by on a perfectly sunny day…the Pinewood On Wilmslow gardens looked amazing…and so did all the flower arrangements which were made by the very talented Laura MacPherson of Laurel Weddings who made the place look even more stunning. Laura also had the job of decorating the ‘Wedding Pork Pie’, what you’ve never heard of a ‘Wedding Pork Pie’?! Neither had I, until Toni & Gordon announced that they were having one! What a cool couple! Why have cake when you can scoff a massive pie! Check it out….there’s a photo of it!


012 The build up.jpg013 The build up.jpg016 The build up.jpg018 The build up.jpg025 The build up.jpg028 The build up.jpg031 The Ceremony.jpg032 The Ceremony.jpg043 The Ceremony.jpg044 The Ceremony.jpg066 The Ceremony.jpg074 The Ceremony.jpg078 The Ceremony.jpg079 The Ceremony.jpg083 The Ceremony.jpg084 The Ceremony.jpg086 The Ceremony.jpg093 The Ceremony.jpg106 Group shots and Sharks flags.jpg109 Group shots and Sharks flags.jpg120 Group shots and Sharks flags.jpg121 Group shots and Sharks flags.jpg124 Group shots and Sharks flags.jpg138 Group shots and Sharks flags.jpg144 Group shots and Sharks flags.jpg159 Group shots and Sharks flags.jpg169 Group shots and Sharks flags.jpg174 Group shots and Sharks flags.jpg181 Group shots and Sharks flags.jpg195 The Speeches and Wedding Breakfast.jpg200 The Speeches and Wedding Breakfast.jpg215 The Speeches and Wedding Breakfast.jpg217 The Speeches and Wedding Breakfast.jpg230 The Speeches and Wedding Breakfast.jpg241 The Speeches and Wedding Breakfast.jpg253 The Speeches and Wedding Breakfast.jpg255 The Speeches and Wedding Breakfast.jpg260 The Speeches and Wedding Breakfast.jpg267 Confetti and a floating bride.jpg269 Confetti and a floating bride.jpg270 Confetti and a floating bride.jpg274 Confetti and a floating bride.jpg279 Confetti and a floating bride.jpg280 Confetti and a floating bride.jpg288 Confetti and a floating bride.jpg290 Confetti and a floating bride.jpg303 Confetti and a floating bride.jpg307 Confetti and a floating bride.jpg313 Pie cutting and Frist dance.jpg315 Pie cutting and Frist dance.jpg316 Pie cutting and Frist dance.jpg317 Pie cutting and Frist dance.jpg325 Pie cutting and Frist dance.jpg327 Pie cutting and Frist dance.jpg339 Pie cutting and Frist dance.jpg367 Pie cutting and Frist dance.jpg377 Pie cutting and Frist dance.jpg383 Pie cutting and Frist dance.jpg

pS: – For all your flowery needs :)


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Seven photos from the last Six weeks!

Wow, where do I start with describing the last six weeks?! From the sixth of April to the Twenty Fifth of May it’s been a journey of epic proportions. Two pre-wed sessions and five whole weddings! It’s been amazing! It all started with Susan & Nick tying the knot in Baxenden, Lancashire at the beginning of last month…I can’t remember seeing a single cloud in the sky! A beautiful day for a beautiful occasion. Then Karen & Graeme became Mr & Mrs Roberts at the Macdonald Portal Hotel in Tarporley. A very emotional and special day, congratulations guys. Then it was off to the Wirral to hang out with Helen, Jon, Ella, Taylor and Sam for a Preshoot/Family shoot at the wonderful Sheldrakes location. It was muddy and sunny and involved lots of climbing…it was awesome! I then had the pleasure of capturing Sarah & Simon’s big day at The Vale Royal Abbey. Everybody involved had an amazing day, not excluding myself. It wasn’t long before I was back at Sheldrakes in the Wirral…I had to return to find a lost lens cap! Only joking, it was Helen & Jon’s, now Mr & Mrs Green’s wedding of course! See if you can spot them without looking at the photo names underneath the picture! Thanks for an amazing day guys. Soon after, Bow & James invited me to go for a walk at Trentham Gardens…the Sun returns! We had fun trundling around in the beautiful surroundings of the grounds where James proposed to Bow…no, not while I was there! We then went for a Sunday carvery! Ace! My camera was barely cold before I was in the Palace Hotel on Oxford Street, Manchester warming it up again! Kirsty & James showed us all how it’s done with a top notch day from beginning to end. It was an honour to be part of the celebrations.


I’d like to thank all my couples for making the last six weeks incredible. Full blogs for each occasion will be posted shortly. :)

001 Susan and Nick.JPG002 Karen and Graeme.JPG003 Helen and Jonathan.JPG004 Sarah and Simon.JPG005 Mr and Mrs Green.JPG006  Bow and James.JPG007 Kirsty and James.JPG

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Susan & Nick – Premier Pic – Holcombe Hill, Lancashire

I spent the best part of Sunday strolling to the top of Holcombe Hill for a pre-wedding shoot with Susan and Nick. The original date was set in January and we were hoping for snow. They got snowed in! Whoops, easy on the snow chants next time! We were treated to just the right amount this weekend!  

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Sally-Anne & Phil – Premier Pic – Manchester airport, Concorde!

Sally-Anne and Phil took the controls in the cockpit for their pre-wedding shoot…I have the honour of shooting their big day which involves the ceremony taking place on the fastest passenger airplane ever built! Hurry up August!



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Kirsty & James – Premiere Pic – Manchester Rooftop

I had the pleasure of doing my first ‘City Shoot’ with Kirsty and James in November of last year. For this particular shoot I’ve broken a few rules and used a medley of filters and effects in post production. The purists out there will disapprove, however I wanted to use my graphic design skills to create a magazine and advertisement theme to suit the surroundings of the city scape. Kirsty and James were a great couple to shoot as they just looked great together without any direction from me.


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Anna & James, 21st July 2012 – Dunham Massey, Cheshire

Dunham Massey Village Hall has to be one of my favourite venues in the whole of Cheshire. It’s quirkiness and charm coupled with an awesome couple, Anna & James made for an amazing day. With plenty of hugs and laughs it was a really special day for everyone involved..including me!

I did however find it very difficult to shoot the speeches through the tears of laughter!

Thank you for inviting me to document such a special occasion and congratulations Mr & Mrs Porteous. :)

001 Watermarked.jpg002 Watermarked.jpg003 Watermarked.jpg004 Watermarked.jpg005 Watermarked.jpg006 Watermarked.jpg007 Watermarked.jpg008 Watermarked.jpg009 Watermarked.jpg010 Watermarked.jpg011 Watermarked.jpg012 Watermarked.jpg013 Watermarked.jpg014 Watermarked.jpg015 Watermarked.jpg016 Watermarked.jpg017 Watermarked.jpg018 Watermarked.jpg019 Watermarked.jpg020 Watermarked.jpg021 Watermarked.jpg022 Watermarked.jpg023 Watermarked.jpg024 Watermarked.jpg025 Watermarked.jpg026 Watermarked.jpg027 Watermarked.jpg028 Watermarked.jpg029 Watermarked.jpg030 Watermarked.jpg031 Watermarked.jpg032 Watermarked.jpg033 Watermarked.jpg034 Watermarked.jpg035 Watermarked.jpg036 Watermarked.jpg037 Watermarked.jpg038 Watermarked.jpg039 Watermarked.jpg040 Watermarked.jpg041 Watermarked.jpg042 Watermarked.jpg043 Watermarked.jpg044 Watermarked.jpg045 Watermarked.jpg046 Watermarked.jpg047 Watermarked.jpg048 Watermarked.jpg049 Watermarked.jpg050 Watermarked.jpg051 Watermarked.jpg052 Watermarked.jpg053 Watermarked.jpg054 Watermarked.jpg055 Watermarked.jpg056 Watermarked.jpg057 Watermarked.jpg058 Watermarked.jpg059 Watermarked.jpg060 Watermarked.jpg061 Watermarked.jpg062 Watermarked.jpg063 Watermarked.jpg064 Watermarked.jpg065 Watermarked.jpg066 Watermarked.jpg067 Watermarked.jpg068 Watermarked.jpg069 Watermarked.jpg070 Watermarked.jpg071 Watermarked.jpg072 Watermarked.jpg073 Watermarked.jpg074 Watermarked.jpg075 Watermarked.jpg076 Watermarked.jpg077 Watermarked.jpg078 Watermarked.jpg079 Watermarked.jpg080 Watermarked.jpg081 Watermarked.jpg082 Watermarked.jpg083 Watermarked.jpg084 Watermarked.jpg085 Watermarked.jpg086 Watermarked.jpg087 Watermarked.jpg088 Watermarked.jpg089 Watermarked.jpg090 Watermarked.jpg091 Watermarked.jpg092 Watermarked.jpg093 Watermarked.jpg094 Watermarked.jpg095 Watermarked.jpg096 Watermarked.jpg097 Watermarked.jpg098 Watermarked.jpg099 Watermarked.jpg100 Watermarked.jpg101 Watermarked.jpg102 Watermarked.jpg103 Watermarked.jpg104 Watermarked.jpg105 Watermarked.jpg106 Watermarked.jpg107 Watermarked.jpg108 Watermarked.jpg109 Watermarked.jpg110 Watermarked.jpg111 Watermarked.jpg112 Watermarked.jpg113 Watermarked.jpg114 Watermarked.jpg115 Watermarked.jpg116 Watermarked.jpg117 Watermarked.jpg118 Watermarked.jpg119 Watermarked.jpg120 Watermarked.jpg121 Watermarked.jpg122 Watermarked.jpg123 Watermarked.jpg124 Watermarked.jpg125 Watermarked.jpg126 Watermarked.jpg127 Watermarked.jpg128 Watermarked.jpg129 Watermarked.jpg130 Watermarked.jpg131 Watermarked.jpg132 Watermarked.jpg133 Watermarked.jpg134 Watermarked.jpg135 Watermarked.jpg136 Watermarked.jpg137 Watermarked.jpg138 Watermarked.jpg139 Watermarked.jpg140 Watermarked.jpg141 Watermarked.jpg142 Watermarked.jpg143 Watermarked.jpg144 Watermarked.jpg145 Watermarked.jpg146 Watermarked.jpg147 Watermarked.jpg148 Watermarked.jpg149 Watermarked.jpg150 Watermarked.jpg151 Watermarked.jpg152 Watermarked.jpg153 Watermarked.jpg154 Watermarked.jpg155 Watermarked.jpg156 Watermarked.jpg157 Watermarked.jpg158 Watermarked.jpg159 Watermarked.jpg160 Watermarked.jpg161 Watermarked.jpg162 Watermarked.jpg163 Watermarked.jpg164 Watermarked.jpg165 Watermarked.jpg166 Watermarked.jpg167 Watermarked.jpg168 Watermarked.jpg169 Watermarked.jpg170 Watermarked.jpg171 Watermarked.jpg172 Watermarked.jpg173 Watermarked.jpg174 Watermarked.jpg175 Watermarked.jpg176 Watermarked.jpg177 Watermarked.jpg178 Watermarked.jpg179 Watermarked.jpg180 Watermarked.jpg181 Watermarked.jpg


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Toni & Gordon’s Pre-wedding shoot at Quarry Bank Mill and Styal Estate, Cheshire

It can be quite a difficult task to think of somewhere suitable for a pre-wedding shoot at times, but as this is where Toni & Gordon spend a few hours milling(mrrhrr hrr) around in the summer, it was only natural that the Quarry Bank Mill was the place to enjoy an evening shooting a few nice relaxed photos while going for a walk.


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